Ouch. My first thoughts on the European election results for the four main parties

by Stephen Tall on May 26, 2014

The results are all but in (Scotland will formal declare later today) and the scores on the doors make depressing reading for the Lib Dems – here’s the BBC’s breakdown: Here are 5 quick points: 1) A good night for Ukip Fair do’s to Farage: he inverted the usual expectations management game by vowing Ukip […]

Special post-election LDV members’ survey now live

by Stephen Tall on May 26, 2014

The new LDV members’ survey is now live. So if you are one of the 1,600+ registered members of the Liberal Democrat Voice forum — and any paid-up party member is welcome to join — then you now have the opportunity to make your views known. This is a brief survey, focused on the performance […]

My Total Politics column: The pragmatists have it – why Clegg will cling on

by Stephen Tall on May 26, 2014

Thursday, 22nd May, was the Lib Dems’ own Black Thursday. Over the following four long, agonising days, the party watched as first the local and then the European election results brutally revealed the cost of entering into coalition with the (…)

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