Time for Nick Clegg to ditch the “Great Britain not Little England” line

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2014

“Great Britain not little England” – it was a line Nick Clegg used in his recent Spring conference speech, setting up the new political dividing lines between those who are optimistic, outward-looking, progressive pro-Europeans and those who are gloomy, isolationst, reactionary anti-Europeans. It’s a line he used again in this week’s Nick v Nigel debate. […]

My recommended reading for today March 30, 2014

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2014

Here’s some of the articles that have caught my attention in the past couple of days… The five fault lines that divide Ed Miliband's Labour party | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer LibDems shpuld aspire to (…)

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