Here’s what I’m doing in York on Saturday

by Stephen Tall on March 7, 2014

I’ve just arrived in York (my first time here: in the dark it looks very nice; I’m told in the light it will be even nicer) for the Lib Dems’ spring conference. Which is like the autumn conference, except smaller, briefer and even more ignored by the media. It does have one big advantage, though: it’s not Glasgow. (Nothing against that fine city, but the conference centre there is a never-ending Escher sketch of grey corridor doom.)

I’ve never been to a spring conference before. Well, you can have too much of a good thing. The reason I’m here this time is because of work. I’m speaking tomorrow about my day-job at the fringe event jointly organised by CentreForum and the Social Liberal Forum, taking place on Saturday at 1pm:

education fringe mar 2014

As I’m representing the educational charity I work for I’ve actually had to write a speech (the past tense there is a bit optimistic… it’s half-written).

Of course, when I agreed to do it I hadn’t realised it would clash with the Everton-Arsenal FA Cup quarter-final. So if you see me looking at my phone tomorrow, it’ll most likely be to check up on what’s happening at the Emirates rather than to see what Twitter makes of the debate.

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