My column for ConHome: It’s 8th May 2015. Dear Prime Minister… a confidential memo from his Chief Whip.

by Stephen Tall on February 13, 2014

Here’s my latest The Other Side column for ConservativeHome, published here on Tuesday. It’s a piece of fiction, not least because it imagines a scenario in which the Tories have won an outright majority. That starting point appeared to confuse (…)

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Memo to both Left and Right: Income Tax isn’t the only tax that matters

by Stephen Tall on February 13, 2014

There was some leftie love showered on this ConservativeHome article by Peter Franklin this week: Right-wingers should stop boasting about how much income tax the rich pay. His point was absolutely right, as he laid into the supposedly slam-dunk argument glibly tossed around by unthinking capitalist Tories like Boris: The richest one per cent of Britons […]