Liberator on ‘Coalition and Beyond’: “It genuinely explores how ideas at the heart of liberalism can inform policy-making in the Lib Dems”

by Stephen Tall on February 2, 2014

lib reform booklet - liberator review


Last September, I helped Liberal Reform put together a collection of 20 essays, ‘Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade Ahead’, with a foreword by Nick Clegg.
Lib Reform book
You can read it in full and free online here.

It’s just been reviewed by David Grace – who enjoys the splendid moniker, Disgruntled Radical – for Liberator (the magazine and Liberal Reform are not natural bedfellows). And very fair it is, too.

It;s not available to read online yet so here – in true book review form – are a couple of the more favourable snippets:

lib reform booklet - liberator review 1

lib reform booklet - liberator review 2

Here’s the link again to where you can read this “open minded”, “genuine exploration”, with thanks both to David and to Liberator.

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