A New Statesman subscriber writes…

by Stephen Tall on October 28, 2013

Russell-Brand-New-Statesman-2486033As a New Statesman subscriber* I can’t help wondering what they would have said if The Spectator had asked a non-lefty entertainer to guest edit – someone like Jeremy Clarkson, say – and his opening words were:

When I was asked to edit an issue of the Spectator I said yes because it was a beautiful woman asking me.

Then imagine if he went on to call for a revolution – not one instigated through the ballot box, obvs, but a revolution in support of Jeremy Clarkson’s outlook because lots of people think like Jeremy Clarkson.

And then imagine this resulted in a set-piece interview with his namesake, Newsnight’s Mr Paxman, in which he got to set out a manifesto that was anti-tax, anti-green, anti-welfare.

Oh, and all these hypothetical happenings took place at the same time as Jeremy Clarkson was about to launch the next stage of his megabucks Top Gear franchise.

What would the New Statesman have to say about all this, I wonder?

* In case you’re wondering, I buy it for the excellent political stuff by Rafael Behr and George Eaton, the terrific grand-sweep essays of historians like John Bew and David Marquand, and the pretty interesting review section at the back. I skip the self-indulgent ranty stuff by John Pilger, Laurie Penny and Will Self (among others).

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