David Cameron’s speech: meh, bah and hmm.

by Stephen Tall on October 2, 2013

I missed David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference today. Or, rather, I didn’t see or hear it, which isn’t quite the same thing as missing it. Meh But it sounds like, by missing it, I didn’t miss much. There were no dramatic announcements, no new initiatives. Yes, there was talk of the need […]

My recommended reading for today October 2, 2013

by Stephen Tall on October 2, 2013

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest… David Cameron's speech at the Conservative conference: Politics live blog | Politics | theguardian.com The #cpc13 instalment of @AndrewSparrow’s essential list > “10 things we’ve learnt from the Conservative conference” http://bit.ly/1dVQMuA Stephan (…)

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On the Lib Dem conference polling bump (lack thereof) and what it means for the party

by Stephen Tall on October 2, 2013

The Labour party’s been enjoying a post-conference bump in the polls on the back of Ed Miliband’s bit of unexpected populism of promising a 20-month energy price freeze. At the weekend, Labour opened up an 11-point lead over the Tories, hitting 42%, its highest level since June. Of course party conferences frequently distort the polls. […]