“Blessed are the breadmakers, for they will be called out of touch.”

by Stephen Tall on October 1, 2013

This morning journos were scoffing at the David Cameron not knowing the price of a loaf of bread. This followed the Prime Minister’s entirely unsurprising startling revelation, “I don’t buy the value stuff. I have a breadmaker at home.”

How very puerile, I thought – does anyone really expect the Tory leader to know the answer? And if he does will it show anything other than that he’s memorised the party briefing ‘Things you’re expected to know about how the little people live their lives’?

But then I realised Twitter’s not much interested in moral relativism, so I decided to join in instead:

My thanks to Nick Boles parody account @GeneralBoles for photoshopping it so beautifully:

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