My recommended reading for today September 24, 2013

by Stephen Tall on September 24, 2013

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest… Will the real Damian McBride please stand up? – Telegraph Blogs I met @dpmcbride once for a drink. Instantly liked him. @tomchivers offers a grown-up look at our internal multitudes Twitter, (…)

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LDVideo: Iain Dale unilaterally disarms anti-nukes protester in front of TV cameras

by Stephen Tall on September 24, 2013

Don’t mess with Dale! And definitely not when he’s in protective publisher mode and wants to ensure a hassle-free interview for his latest political author, Damian McBride. Just a still photo and the link to the video for now, but it’s bound to be on YouTube soon enough… VIDEO: The moment Iain Dale decides he’s […]