Coalition and Beyond: Susan Kramer on banking marks Day 3 of countdown to publication

by Stephen Tall on September 11, 2013

Lib Reform book‘Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade Ahead’ is published this Saturday, 15th September, at the Glasgow conference.

With a foreword by Nick Clegg, and ahem edited by me, it brings together 20 essays by a disparate group of liberals.

Some will have you nodding along in agreement; others will probably have you spluttering in disbelief. That’s as it should be. Nowt worse than group-think, especially in a party wrestling with how to defend its record in government while renewing itself ready for the next election.

Liberal Reform, which has brought the contributors together, is offering a sneak preview of one essay each day this week to whet your appetite. Monday’s was by David Boyle; yesterday’s by Paul Hunt.

Today’s is by Susan Kramer, and offers an inside track on her role in the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. That’s all interesting stuff. But actually her most significant comments relate to her push for better local finance, building a network of Community Development Banks, Credit Unions and Funds (CDFIs) focused on communities who will also run them. Combine these emerging plans with the Heseltine Review (No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth), and the LSE Growth Commission and you start to see some genuinely exciting opportunities to re-balance the British economy. The question is: will the Government run with these?

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