My Lib Dem conference diary – where and when I’m popping up in Glasgow

by Stephen Tall on September 10, 2013

My brilliant Co-Editor Caron Lindsay has helpfully collected all in one place what the Lib Dem Voice editorial team is up to during the party’s Glasgow conference. Here’s when and where you’ll find me, at least when I’m not in the official LDV broom cupboard…

Stephen Tall

Stephen has 6 outings on the fringe. He’s:

Chairing the CentreForum fringe, ‘Data world: how should liberals balance privacy and liberty’, Sunday at 11am in Boisdale 2, SECC, alongside Julian Huppert MP, Sarah Ludford MEP and Lord (Tom) McNally.

Chairing the Electoral Reform Society fringe, ‘Asking the people: where should the Liberal Democrats stand on an in/out EU referendum?’, Sunday, 1pm in Castle Room 1 of the Crowne Plaza alongside Sarah Ludford MEP, Stephen Gilbert MP, Stephen Williams MP (a panel with 3 Stephens, really?), Katie Ghose and Professor Simon Hix from the LSE.

Speaking at Liberal Reform‘s fringe, ‘Mike Thornton MP: My first 6 months in Parliament’, introducing their new publication, ‘Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade Ahead’, 20 essays from a diverse group of mostly Lib Dems, which he’s edited and has a foreword from Nick Clegg. Sunday, 8pm in Dochart 2, SECC.

Speaking at the Institute of Economic Affairs/Liberal Vision fringe, asking ‘Why aren’t the Liberal Democrats more liberal?’ Other speakers include Jeremy Browne MP, Emma Carr from Big Brother Watch, Julian Huppert MP, Chris Snowdon from the IEA. This takes place on Sunday at 6.15pm, Alsh Room, SECC.

Speaking at TUC/Resolution Foundation fringe, ‘The Lib Dem approach to tackling low pay’, on Monday, 6.15pm Crowne Plaza — and Stephen adds a Cabinet Minister to his tally of co-speakers, with Vince Cable also speaking alongside James Plunkett from the resolution Foundation and Frances O’Grady from the TUC

Speaking at Dods/Shelter fringe, “Opportunity Knocks – What can Lib Dems do to capture voters now?’, on Tuesday, 1pm Carron Suite 1, SECC. Now he’s on a panel with one of the most senior journalists in Britain, Jon Snow of Channel 4 News. Mary Riddell and Matthew Oakeshott also take part.

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