What I did on my summer holidays, Part I (editing Liberal Reform’s ‘Coalition and Beyond’)

by Stephen Tall on September 5, 2013

Jet off for a new destination to sample the local cuisine and customs? Nah, not this year. I stayed put. Instead, I spent three full days of my holiday editing Liberal Reform’s new publication, The Coalition and Beyond: Liberal Reforms for the Decade Ahead. It’s looking very snazzy:


The publication brings together the thoughts of 20 liberals (19 of them party members), including six parliamentarians. It was an enjoyable (also quite knackering) process, reading through about 40,000 words to help fact-check and suggest tweaks.

I don’t agree with all the contributors’ views (I’ll reveal more once it’s published) — but I think any political party, and especially a liberal one, should be open to fresh ideas and having existing ones challenged. That’s the spirit I hope it will be read in.

If that’s whetted your appetite, then you can sign up to Liberal Reform to get your copy. (Full disclosure: I’m not a member of Liberal Reform, but it’s the party grouping I’m closest to.)

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