The remarkable similarity between Ed Miliband and Monty Python’s Brave Knight

by Stephen Tall on September 5, 2013

The Guardian reports:

Ed Miliband will say to the boss of Britain’s third largest union that he is determined to press ahead with reforming the Labour party’s funding in the aftermath of his organisation’s decision to slash its affiliation funds by more than £1m. The Labour leader is prepared to tell Paul Kenny that the unilateral action by the GMB to cut its annual funding by 88% has inadvertently made the case for reform of the historic link between the party and the unions.

Full marks to Ed for the principle. But in the battle between the Labour leader and the trade unions over funding I can’t help being reminded of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch where the Brave Knight has his arms and then his legs chopped off but fights on anyway. Eventually his limbless torso concedes, “Alright, let’s call it a draw.”

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