My column for ConHome: Loathe us or loathe us, the Yellow Anchors are here to stay (probably)

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2013

My new column for ConservativeHome – The Other Side – debuted this morning. You can read it here (with comments: friendlier than I expected) or below. I love the cartoon which accompanies it. And my dad will be delighted: he’s (…)

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Boris shows himself to be more liberal than Nick on immigration

by Stephen Tall on July 2, 2013

Typing that headline pained me. But it’s true, at least on the issue of an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Compare and contrast… Here’s what London Mayor Boris Johnson said today on his LBC call-in show today: “We should have an amnesty. We’ve got people who’ve got in here illegally. They are not engaged with the […]