The right to privacy: “in a country born on the will to be free, what could be more fundamental than this?”

by Stephen Tall on June 22, 2013

With news today of yet further alleged intrusion into private citizens’ communications — GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications (Guardian) — here’s how The West Wing anticipated the past week’s furore… (Available on YouTube here.) Sam Seaborn: It’s not just about abortion, it’s about the next 20 years. In the ’20s […]

My recommended reading for today June 22, 2013

by Stephen Tall on June 22, 2013

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest… The Lib Dems take the honours for sheer hypocrisy – Telegraph Dammit, I guessed this T’grph piece was Iain Martin “LibDems take the honours for sheer hypocrisy” No, Robert Colvile Margaret (…)

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‘Red lines’ v ‘a long shopping list’: Clegg sets out plan for slimline 2015 manifesto

by Stephen Tall on June 22, 2013

Nick Clegg will be speaking today at the party’s local government conference in Manchester (Nick Thornsby will be covering it throughout the day here on LDV) and The Independent is one of the newspapers which trails what he’ll say. Here’s my quick take on the top lines on which they’ve been pre-briefed… The Deputy Prime […]