Are employment levels one of the “better stories” of the Coalition, as Fraser Nelson claims? Not really.

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2013

The Spectator’s editor Fraser Nelson is — rightly — very hot on politicians being accurate in their use of stats. For instance, he’s — rightly — called out both Nick Clegg and David Cameron for confusing (whether accidentally or deliberately) the terms ‘debt’ and ‘deficit’, claiming the former is falling when they mean the latter. […]

Today’s Link-Love: June 6, 2013

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2013

Here’s today’s hand-picked selection that caught my interest… Billy Bragg may not like it, but the Conservatives are the new workers' party » Spectator Blogs Interesting stuff from @frasernelson on Billy Bragg & high marg tax rates Tom Papworth: (…)

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Clegg says no to childcare ratio changes. My question is: why’s it the Government’s job to dictate them?

by Stephen Tall on June 6, 2013

Nick Clegg’s statement is categorical — the Coalition is abandoning plans to allow nurseries and childminders in England to look after more children. Revealed in January by Conservative children’s minister Liz Truss, the idea that the ratio for under 2s, for example, could increase from 1:4 to 1:6 was always going to be controversial. Here’s […]