The day Mrs T died (8 April 2013)

by Stephen Tall on April 9, 2013

The day Mrs T died (8th April 2013)

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Mrs T: a leader and a divider. Changed her party & country (sometimes for the better, sometimes not). Neither’s q recovered from experience.Stephen Tall
Mrs T’s major success: persuading the British public to accept (tho not love) free markets. Her major failure: centralising the state.Stephen Tall
Good list > Five progressive things done by the governments of Margaret Thatcher | Left Foot Forward Tall
I always fought Mrs Thatcher but unemployment would be millions worse in this recession if she hadn’t made our labour market more flexible.matthew oakeshott
‘An -ism has been named after her’: Charles Moore on Thatcher (it reads oddly cos it’s from an intvw) Tall
Econ’s Blighty blog repeats usual Tory myth: that Mrs T shrank state. In reality she was an uber-centraliser Tall
James Forsyth: "her greatest triumph was that she made the Labour party accept the new reality that she had created" Tall
Right on cue: an article reminding us how Mrs T centralised power in Whitehall more than any other PM (til Blair) Tall
RT @CounteractMag: Harry Styles tweets ‘RIP Baroness Thatcher x’.One Direction fans respond. Brown
They don’t write leader articles like this any more. A prolix Speccie opts for Mrs T over Heath in ’75 Tall
Don’t agree with it all but a good obituary from Indy’s Andreas Whittam Smith: ‘A heroine and a hate figure’ Tall
From @libdemvoice > Liberal Democrats pay tribute to Lady Thatcher Tall
Fuller, much better obit from The Economist than earlier, acknowledges Mrs T ‘s triumphs, mistakes & contradictions Tall
Lord Howe: One was in a way surprised. She seemed to have a degree of immortality about her.Ross Hawkins
Allen Lane: Charles Moore’s authorised biography of Lady Thatcher – "Volume One: Not For Turning" to be published immediately after funeralVincent Moss
This graph most interesting. Regardless of PM, Govt, boom, bust, war or peace, Govt spending relentlessly increased. Roberts
Political hacks of all hues from that time speak about Margaret Thatcher in a way none of us does of PMs now. There’s a bit of awe and fearTim Shipman
"Former Dartford candidate Margaret Thatcher dies" I suppose every local paper needs an angle…Kevin Maguire
Excellent @BBCRadio4 doc by @_peterriddell on Thacher now, better than anything I’ve seen on TV yetStephen Tall
Margaret Thatcher "would have been prepared to consider nuclear weapons" in Falklands War. Listen here: Radio 4
Courtesy of our video desk: #Thatcher’s ‘Greatest Hits’, including her most memorable appearances in the Commons Telegraph
Next time Tories choose a leader, worth remembering Thatcher had been an MP for 16 years & was 50 in 1975.Stephen Tall
Very good, balanced Thatcher analysis by @ProfTimBale (as you would expect) Tall
"In the late ’70s it’s fair to say there was no such thing as the consumer" Stephanie Flanders on her legacy Tall
Thatcher an example on one level at least… Her resolution in the face of virulent criticism cf those of us bothered by flak on Twitter.Stephen Tall
ICM: Thatcher’s record rated good by 50% to 36% bad. (Gdn typically calls this "divided"!) But note regional variati…Stephen Tall
So they’re all in – see #tomorrowspaperstoday here – a pretty remarkable set of front pages. #bbcpapers #ThatcherNick Sutton
Srsly?! "@suttonnick: Tuesday’s Sun front page – "Maggie dead in bed at Ritz" #tomorrowspaperstoday #Thatcher"Stephen Tall
Alex Massie fascinating on Mrs T & Scotland, esp on why poll tax launched there Tall
And I know how much you enjoy a #tomorrowspaperstoday montage of the front pages. #Thatcher Sutton


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[…] The day Mrs T died (8 April 2013) (Stephen Tall) […]

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