The EU budget vote should be open, not secret (it’s a bit worrying this even needs saying)

by Stephen Tall on March 8, 2013

unlock democracy secret eu ballotsIt’s good to see campaigning group Unlock Democracy sticking up for democratic accountability within the European Union, and not only within the UK’s parliaments. Here’s an excerpt from an email I received today:

Dear Stephen,

Last month, the heads of the EU member states agreed a new budget for the EU for 2014-2020. It will now be the subject of negotiation between Parliament and Council followed by a final vote in Parliament.

The European Parliament is directly elected by all European citizens – it is crucial to Europe’s democratic decision making process with our our heads of state. Sadly however, a number of MEPs are proposing that their vote on the EU budget should be held in secret. We can’t let this happen!

Please write to your MEPs today to demand they call for the EU budget vote to be open, not secret:

Votes in the European Parliament are held in public. Many are just done by a show of hands but some are recorded and a specific recorded vote on sensitive issues can be requested. This should be such a vote.

We’ve set up a tool on our website to enable you to contact one or all of your MEPs quickly and simply. Just click on the link below to get started:

Please take a couple of minutes to send your MEPs a short note today. We can stop this travesty, but we need to make our views clear to our MEPs as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Peter Facey
Director, Unlock Democracy

It’s actually quite shocking there’s a need even to have this petition. The idea democratic representatives should be able to conceal their votes from their electors is unbelievable — so well worth 2 minutes of your time to protest to your MEPs!

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