OUTRAGE and FURY as Daily Mail labels over ONE MILLION British housewives, pensioners and disabled people “LAZY”

by Stephen Tall on February 12, 2013

Here’s the Daily Mail slamming 4 million feckless shirkers “languishing on benefits” courtesy of my hard-earned taxes:

mail lazy britain

What the Mail’s Emily Davies didn’t report, however, was that of those four million, 514,000 are ‘looking after family or home’. A further 213,000 are retired, many of them doubtless from having looked after ‘family or home’ throughout their lives.

Since when did the Mail have a problem with home-makers and the retired? Sounds like their core readership.

Oh, and of the four million almost half (1,976,000) are students. A further 332,000 are the long-term sick and disabled.

The number of currently unemployed people who have never been employed is 638,000. Still a large and depressing number. But it’s not four million.

PS: yes, I know referring to ‘housewives’ in the headline is clumsily sexist and inaccurate. That’s why I did it.

* All figures from FullFact.org: How many people have never worked in their lives?