Ukip if you want to in last Gasper saloon

by Stephen Tall on January 18, 2013

As I mentioned just last May:

Sadly I don’t have the pleasure of standing against Ukip candidate Dr Julia Gasper — who has said people who ‘choose’ to be gay should stop ‘complaining about persecution’ — in the elections to Oxford City Council this Thursday.

It now looks like that pleasure may elude others in the future, too: Dr Gasper has been suspended as Chair of Ukip’s Oxford branch after linking homosexuality to paedophilia:

“As for the links between homosexuality and paedophilia, there is so much evidence that even a full-length book could hardly do justice to the ­subject.”

Credit then to Ukip leader Nigel Farage for his statement:

“We’ve had problems with her and her position in the Oxford branch is not ­acceptable and is being changed. Her war against homosexuals is unacceptable.”

Mind you, it would be a little more credible if Ukip hadn’t in the last week removed both the leader of their youth wing and a former parliamentary candidate for the crime of… supporting equal marriage.

Ukip: the party for people who want to stop the world and get off while staying exactly where they are.