Michael Gove: my holiday romance with David Laws

by Stephen Tall on December 15, 2012

Michael Gove gives great talking head — in an interview with the Spectator’s Fraser Nelson, he says this of his relationship with Lib Dem schools minister David Laws:

Gove has more kind words for the Liberal Democrats, with whom he enjoys governing. I ask if, come the election, he will be uncomfortable with the idea of Conservatives in Somerset trying to bring down his deputy, David Laws.

‘We’re not thinking about the election. If we did, then that might lead to both of us having to face something difficult. So, rather like in a holiday romance, you enjoy it. If you’re getting on well, then you live in the moment and have as good a time as possible.’

And at the end of the coalition?

‘Obviously, if you love someone, set them free. But at the moment I’m living in the moment – without thinking ahead.’