Lib Dem peers help inflict defeats on Government in Lords over secret courts plans

by Stephen Tall on November 21, 2012

On Sunday we reported that Lib Dem members were none-too-impressed with the Government’s plans for secret courts. This morning we reported that 172 Lib Dems had written to The Times to protest. This evening the Lib Dem battle found its voice in the House of Lords, as the Guardian reports: Government proposals to expand secret […]

George Bridges: my part in the Tories’ downfall. As a Lib Dem, I approve this message

by Stephen Tall on November 21, 2012

There’s a fascinating article today in the Telegraph by George Bridges: The Tories have gone astray – and I helped. Who’s George Bridges, you ask? Here’s his summary of his political career to date: First a researcher for the Conservative Party machine, then a tour of duty in the bunker of No 10 for the […]

How you can take part in LibDemVoice’s exclusive party member surveys

by Stephen Tall on November 21, 2012

LibDemVoice’s surveys of party members signed-up to our discussion forum have been running for well over three years now. (I posted yesterday the final set of figures from our most recent poll.) Our surveys are a way of testing members’ views on a variety of hot topics. And as they’ve been running throughout the first […]

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