5 quick reflections on ‘Super Thursday’ elections – plus why Labour got my 2nd PCC candidate preference

by Stephen Tall on November 16, 2012

5 quick thoughts on ‘Super Thursday’ elections, 15th Nov 2012

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If PCC turnouts of c.15% shown people don’t want elected police chiefs does that also mean folk in Manchester Cent. don’t want an MP? (1/5)Stephen Tall
If there had been a PCC election in London how likely is it that the media would’ve taken a bit more notice? (2/5)Stephen Tall
It appears that for all the public moaning about political leaflets people do want and expect to hear from candidates at elections (3/5)Stephen Tall
The failure of the Tories in Govt to allow any public information abt PCC elections has been a disgrace. There is a cost to democracy (4/5)Stephen Tall
Society – public, politicians, media – seem caught in a vicious circle of anger and apathy, cynicism and disconnect. This troubles me. (5/5)Stephen Tall
And just for the record – here’s how I voted last night. First time I’ve ever had opportunity to use the ‘supplementary vote’ to add a second preference – and I found it very hard to decide. I was almost tempted just to vote Lib Dem only (John Howson) – but feel that’s a cop-out. Read the candidates’ manifestos and in the end voted Labour second (Tim Starkey) because of his belief in restorative justice (ie, the stuff that works rather than the right-wingers’ ‘just lock em up’ belief).
Just voted in Thames Valley PCC election. @John4PCC 1st (happily), @TimLabour 2nd (vv reluctantly given silly partisan campaign statements)Stephen Tall
That prompted the following Twitter conversation with Tim Starkey as follows…
@stephentall @John4PCC @LabourTim Tim would have my 2nd pref but for that.Neil Fawcett
@stephentall @neilfawcett I’ve tried to reach out to everyone, and some life long Tories have supported me..Tim Starkey
@stephentall @neilfawcett I have also made it clear that @John4PCC is my second preferenceTim Starkey
@stephentall @neilfawcett I am not afraid to hide my values, but my ideas and policies show I am a pragmatist…Tim Starkey
@TimLabour @neilfawcett Thx for replies; delighted to hear abt yr pragmatism; & if yr elected best of luck for it all.Stephen Tall