A quick and easy way to keep up with the latest think-tank research

by Stephen Tall on October 8, 2012

I’ve added a new page to the site bringing together the latest research output from more than 20 of the best think-tanks around. And with an originality that will leave you gasping I’ve given the page the title, Think-tanks.

Here’s the list of those featured (in almost-alphabetical order: CentreForum comes first, obvs): CentreForum, Adam Smith Institute, British Future, Centre for European Reform, Centre for Policy Studies, Compass, Civitas, Democratic Audit, Demos, Fabian Society, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Institute for Government, IPPR, IEA, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Policy Exchange, Progress, Resolution Foundation, Social Market Foundation, Sutton Trust and The Work Foundation.

And here’s the webpage address: http://stephentall.org/think-tanks/

Not that all of them have made it easy to track down the RSS feeds which makes the page possible. It’s a bit baffling that organisations — and think-tanks are by no means alone — always advertise closed community ways of following them (eg, Facebook, Twitter) but forget to include an RSS feed which can power syndication of their content across so many open, online platforms. The Reform think-tank isn’t included on the list for no other reason than that it has no RSS feed advertised on its site.

The Think-tanks page is designed to sit alongside my Blogroll feed to make it easy for me to scan quickly and click-through to what I want to read. I hope others find it helpful too. So those addresses once again:

Think-tank feed here;
My Blogroll feed here.

PS: if I’ve missed any sites you think should feature, do drop me a line below.