How to De-Spin a Party Conference

by Stephen Tall on October 6, 2012

Details of an event I’m looking forward to chairing at the RSA this coming Thursday…

How to De-Spin a Party Conference
11th Oct 2012; 13:00
RSA Thursday

What does ‘spin’ look like in an age of transparency?

In an age of online democracy and people power, politicians hold down-to-earth press conferences in tractor factories and broadcast their fondness for the humble pasty. But award-winning journalist and author Eliane Glaser argues that this ‘call me Dave’ sincerity is actually spin’s modern mutation: deception disguised as openness and ‘engagement’.

Speaker: Eliane Glaser, writer, radio producer, and honorary research fellow at Birkbeck, University of London.
Chair: Stephen Tall, editor of the Liberal Democrat Voice and research associate at CentreForum.

Suggested hashtag for Twitter users: #RSAspin

You can read more about Eliane on her blog here and order her book How to Tell it Like it is in a World of Illusions here.