My Day 2 at Lib Dem conference: nearly all the everything

by Stephen Tall on September 24, 2012

My Day 2 at Lib Dem conference

Storified by Stephen Tall · Mon, Sep 24 2012 00:05:41

My Day 1 at #ldconf Lib Dem conference Tall
After just over 4 hours sleep I’m about to embark on an hour of BBC local radio interviews talking all things #ldconf #willtrynottoyawnonairStephen Tall
@polprofsteve not a betting man but would happily risk something to win money from those who think Clegg will lose his seat.Stephen Tall
Right, that’s BBC Radio Wiltshire done (btw sounds like you’re all going to be having shocking weather too: my sympathies)…Stephen Tall
And he means this most sincerely folks… RT @timgattitv: @MattChorley Im just so excited about the LD conference.Stephen Tall
Hello BBC Radio Manchester! Nice to talk to you about #ldconf… And goodbye again. Next? #thetourofBBClocalradiostationscontinuesStephen Tall
@TimGattITV @MattChorley At least the sun always shines at #ldconf… Oh. Sorry about that. #bringyourbrollyStephen Tall
RT @patrickwintour: Cable on tax havens quotes frm Strictly Personal, Somerset Maugham: "Riviera isn’t only a sunny place for shady people"Stephen Tall
YES HE CAN… RT @sun_politics: Clegg in race to No 1: Tall
BBC Radio Glos done, my tour of duty of local radio stations over. Listeners prob didn’t need to know am lying naked in bed watching MotD…Stephen Tall
Think I’ve got the hang of this Marr/Clegg intvw: AM – Do you think you can increase taxes on the wealthiest? NC – Yes. Repeat 5 times.Stephen Tall
Pretty unrevealing interview. I’ve seen Clegg crisper (& someone pls get him a bright tie) but Marr’s questions as unilluminating as skylineStephen Tall
RT @paulwaugh: Clegg is right to point out that in one poll today the Lib Dems are on 18%. That really ain’t bad given the circs.Stephen Tall
.@timfarron: for the next 2 and half years Britain is a 2 party system and we are 1 of those parties #ldconfAlexander.
told a group of tweeters is a #’Wonderful’ I like it! @markpack @honladymark @stephentall @nickthornsby @libdemlife Bearder
Anthony Wells’s polling summary (47% agree w Clegg his bigger mistake was the promise; 31% say it was tripling fees)John Rentoul
@RyanCoetzee Thx for the follow & welcome to the Lib Dems!Stephen Tall
New from me > What Lib Dem members think about the third Heathrow runway and increased aviation capacity Tall
.@CentreForum fringe, ‘Is the future of politics plural’, with @michaelwhite @joswinson @andrew_adonis Jon Cruddas & Ming CampbellStephen Tall
.@joswinson wins applause for "It’s not the future of politics that’s plural, it’s the present" #ldconfStephen Tall
.@JonCruddasMP "I agree with Jo". Hold a Lab ticket but we should "work together where we can" eg on mansion tax. #ldconfStephen Tall
Ming Campbell: "I remember being assailed by Barbara Castle about the iniquities of the Liberal party in the 1920s." Tall
Ming Campbell: "You won’t get pluralism without constitutional reform & you won’t get constitutional reform without pluralism." #ldconfStephen Tall
.@Andrew_Adonis: "I like your pupil premium. I’ll be honest, I wish Labour had done it when we were in power."Stephen Tall
Cable: no to regional pay; Clegg: yes to taxes on wealth; Alexander: tougher tax rules < Blog by meMark Pack
Murmurs of dissent as Ming says "All LDs basically of the left, our enemies are always Tories." Jo Swinson earns applause for disputing it.Stephen Tall
@stephentall I’m not ‘of the left’, nor the ‘right’, I’m happily of the centre. #LDConfPaul Twigger.
Ming Campbell: "The only reason Plan B is potentially an option is because we put Plan A into action from the start."Stephen Tall
.@JonCruddasMP: "I think the LibDems have been a positive influence on the Coalition."Stephen Tall
PoliticsHome questioner misquotes LibDemVoice poll, says Nick has "only 2% support". Has 48% support (net -2%). Bit of an important diff!Stephen Tall
Ming on Clegg: "This scuttlebut, this gossip, should be put to rest once & for all. Nick has my full support & should have yours too."Stephen Tall
.@janemerrick23 on today’s @libdemvoice member survey: ‘Liberal Democrat members lose faith in their leader’ Tall
Belated online congrats to add to in-person congrats of @MarkReckons > Mark Thompson: Lib Dem Blog of the Year! Tall
.@richardmorrisuk’s head is in the word-clouds > "Here’s why the ‘Sorry’ Autotune video works better than the original" Tall
RT @markreckons: Clegg seems to have a clear grasp of issues regarding the communications bill. Encouraging. Good Qs from @markpack #ldconfStephen Tall
@torbayred Party has never been defined on simple right/left terms. Something we share with vast maj of British public btw.Stephen Tall
New from me > How the Independent reported the latest LibDemVoice survey of party members Tall
New from me > On the off-chance you weren’t listening to BBC Radio 5 Live at 5.45 am today… Tall
Opinion: Is it possible to be liberal and popular on immigration? #ldconf
Nick Clegg Q+A at Brighton Conference, 2012 #ldconf by @markpacklibdemvoice
New from me > What Lib Dem members say about the party’s direction and Nick Clegg’s leadership Tall
@stephentall I like Nick Clegg because he’s got a nice personality, he’s respectful, open minded to everyone and he’s polite as well. :-)David Dixon
At IEA event ‘Orange Bookers v Social Democrats’ #ldconf with @MarkJLittlewood @drevanharris Paul Marshall + @nicholaswattStephen Tall
Oh + also Jeremy Browne at IEA event saying: LDs should be as suspicious of state monopolies as private monopolies. #ldconfStephen Tall
Jeremy Browne: Orange Book liberalism abt avoiding excessive faith in the state + putting citizen at centre of service delivery. #ldconfStephen Tall
.@drevanharris opposing free schools/academies – "I don’t think we should let markets rip"Stephen Tall
Paul Marshall: LibDems have been "dragging our feet" on public service reform, esp on schools policy, lagging both Lab + Tories.Stephen Tall
Paul Marshall: reminder that Vince Cable proposed cap of 40% on state spending (currently 46%). Tax collection is 38%. Big issue for LDs.Stephen Tall
Paul Marshall compares party’s 10 "philosophically vacuous" promises in ’05 with the balanced coherent 4 themes in ’10 election.Stephen Tall
Fact I didn’t know: Guardian’s @nicholaswatt is Chris Huhne’s step-brother (in-law?).Stephen Tall
Lembit Opik pops up: the problem with the Orange Book is there’s no ideology, is just a highly successful power-grab.Stephen Tall
Jeremy Browne: praising supermkts unpop at #ldconf but height of arrog to believe can learn nothing from success of Tesco in service deliv.Stephen Tall
Jeremy Browne: "the state is a means to an end, private sector is means to an end. One shd not take pref over other, must focus on outcome"Stephen Tall
Mark Hunter introducing the @libdemvoice 2015 manifesto debate betwn @soclibforum + @liberal_reform. Tall
My Q @libdemvoice fringe: LibDems squared diff wings of party w/ tax-cuts for low-paid up to £10k. What next for fair taxes?Stephen Tall
1st time I’ve seen @markpack with alcoholic drink @CentreForum. Poss softened blow of being around libs who can add up? Tall
Great to meet @isabelhardman @rafaelbehr @sundersays @adamcorlett @Tobbes73 among others @CentreForum reception.Stephen Tall

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New from me > My Day 2 at Lib Dem conference: nearly all the everything

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New from me > My Day 2 at Lib Dem conference: nearly all the everything

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New from me > My Day 2 at Lib Dem conference: nearly all the everything

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