How the Independent reported the latest LibDemVoice survey of party members

by Stephen Tall on September 23, 2012

The Indy’s Jane Merrick reports today some of the results from the latest LibDemVoice survey of 550+ party members. Here’s the page 2 report:


Nick Clegg has lost the confidence of Liberal Democrat members, a poll reveals for the first time today, as the Deputy Prime Minister attempts to persuade his party to stick with him for the “second half” of the coalition government.

A poll for Lib Dem Voice of paid-up party members, seen by The Independent on Sunday, shows that the Lib Dem leader’s personal rating has fallen below zero for the first time, to minus 2 per cent.

The same poll put Mr Clegg on plus 13 per cent in August and plus 19 per cent in June. And an overwhelming majority – 79 per cent – of Lib Dem members think being in coalition will be bad for the party’s election prospects in 2015.

Mr Clegg’s aides were braced for difficult opinion poll results this weekend as the Lib Dem conference opened in Brighton yesterday, yet the Lib Dem Voice poll, the only one to survey the opinions of registered party members, will make particularly uncomfortable reading for the Deputy PM.

Here’s the quote from me which made it into the paper:

Stephen Tall, co-editor of Lib Dem Voice, said: “We have to demonstrate to the public that Lib Dems are an asset within government, more caring than the Tories, more responsible than Labour. The challenge to Nick Clegg is to find a way to get that across in a way which voters – and his own members – will buy into.”