5 ways to read my stuff

by Stephen Tall on September 13, 2012

If you like reading the stuff I write, here’s the 5 easiest ways NEVER TO MISS A SINGLE WORD I UTTER. I spoil you, I really do…

1) Email – there’s a little widget in the right-hand sidebar which allows you to enter your email address and get sent updates direct to your inbox at a frequency of your choosing when A NEW THING appears here.

2) Twitterfollow me here, and you’ll find links to all my posts sprinkled through my timeline. Though you will also be inflicted with my more random unstructured views and occasional pix of CUTE CATS.

3) Facebook – yes, there is a The Collected Stephen Tall page with news feed. So you don’t have to like me to LIKE MY STUFF.

4) RSSHere’s the feed-link. ideal for those who (rightly) prefer THINK-PIECE BLOGS to knee-jerk tweets… especially useful if you use GoogleReader or Flipboard.

5) LinkedIn – no, I don’t really get it either. Probably because I’m not American. But I AM THERE, and so’s my stuff.

Oh, and a bonus sixth way… simply show up here at my homepage whenever you feel like it. Of course that might mean you’ll MISS A PEARL OF WISDOM. But you’re probably better able to live with that than me.