10 things I loved about London2012 (apart from the sport)

by Stephen Tall on September 10, 2012


1. Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony: set the tone despite Kim Garvin’s best attempts to lower it.

2. The food: forget the “it’ll just be McDonald’s” cynicism, it was tasty, varied and affordable. Y’see, the market can work.

3. THE MINIS: collecting discarded javelins, they were the unspoken-of stars of the Games.

4. The Olympic Stadium: sod Kapoor’s mechanistically ugly Orbit, the true artistic wonder is West Ham’s new home.

5. The Games Makers: what more can be said about them? Fun and inspirational in equal measure.

6. Clare Balding: not since Des Lyman has a commentator been so revered.

7 . London: a surly city of cynics has shown itself to have a heart of gold… once every half century or so.

8. Paralympics: the moment they got beyond the “aw bless” moment to being respected for what they are: elite athletes.

9. Endurance: it was the seat-of-your-pants distance events (the heptathlon, Mo Farah, David Weir) which most captured the public’s  imagination.

10. Smiles: they work. They suit everyone. They just do.

PS: I took the the picture on the final full day in the Olympic/Paralympic Stadium.