What to do if your London2012 email tickets don’t arrive

by Stephen Tall on August 30, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I managed to buy two cheap-seat tickets to tonight’s Paralympic wheelchair basketball session at the O2 North Greenwich Arena. Hurray!

I reckoned it would be easier to collect the tickets than have the worry they wouldn’t be delivered on time. Sensible, yes?

Then yesterday London2012 emailed me to say — even better — it was now possible to get ‘Print at home’ tickets instead. That will save me a boring trip to the box office, I thought, and immediately signed up.

Then nothing happened. At all.

Still nothing today either. But I wasn’t worried — at least until I checked the tickets.london2012 website again this morning and read:

Please note: Once you have submitted this request you are committed to having your tickets made available to Print at Home and you will no longer be available to collect your tickets from a Box Office.

Gulp. Not exactly the message I was hoping for. No email tickets and seemingly no other way of collecting my tickets either.

But if you get that message, here’s the good news…

Don’t worry. It’s wrong.

You can still collect your tickets from the box office. And if you pop along to the central box office there should be only a short-ish 10 minute queue (at least that was my experience). My thanks to a guy called Fernando on the other end of the ‘Contact us’ webform for reassuring me.

Quite why (1) my email tickets never arrived, or why (2) the London2012 ticket website is giving out the wrong information to those whose tickets don’t arrive, I’m not sure. But I’m going to forget about that now, and concentrate instead on getting excited about tonight’s Paralympics action…