Do you want to know how ‘new’ is the ‘New Philanthropy’? #CEAC2012

by Stephen Tall on August 23, 2012

If you do then I’m chairing and speaking at a session on this very question at next week’s CASE Europe annual conference in Birmingham:

    How ‘New’ is the New Philanthropy?
    The panel will question the current consensus that there is something distinctively ‘new’ about philanthropy at the start of the 21st century. They will challenge modern perceptions of ‘new donors’, ‘new sources’ and ‘new ways of giving’. Panellists will assess why the concept of ‘new philanthropy’ has gained widespread currency. Beth Breeze, Researcher, University of Kent; Lori Manders, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, University College London; Chaired by: Stephen Tall, Development Director, Education Endowment Foundation.

Our session is 4.00-5.30 pm on Wednesday 29th August.

Incidentally, in undertaking some extensive research on the topic (ie, Googling it) I discovered there was a summit called ‘What is ‘new’ about the New Philanthropy?’ in California in January 2000, some dozen years ago!

So I don’t want to spoiler our session, but I think the answer to the title-question will be that few things (whether in philanthropy or in life) are actually that new…