On Twitter, Leveson, media standards… and Labour MP Ian Austin labelling Russell Brand “a disgusting, sleezy [sic], horrible creep”

by Stephen Tall on August 18, 2012

I love Twitter and I hate Twitter. At its best, it is a brilliant way of enjoying a shared moment with friends and friends-of-friends, whether glorying in the Olympics or bitching about X-Factor. At its worst, it is a bile-filled bearpit, where opinions are sprayed with scant regard for their accuracy in the race to […]

My favourite Peter Cook sketch: the Thorpe trial summing-up

by Stephen Tall on August 18, 2012

Last night Channel 4 repeated that episode of Clive Anderson Talks Back when Peter Cook takes on the persona of four comedy characters — an oddball UFO-spotter, a quirk old-school football boss, a faded ’60s rockster, and (joyfully, inevitably) an (…)

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