The ‘Pasty Tax’ is dead, is the ‘Charity Tax’ next? Fingers-crossed for the next Coalition budget U-turn

by Stephen Tall on May 29, 2012

Yesterday it was the ‘Pasty Tax’ which proved indigestible to the Coalition — the Government U-turned on a tax which would have proved unworkable in reality. Now there are rumours of a second budget reversal, with Tory MP David Ruffley (…)

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Clegg’s triple whammy: intervenes on secret trials, slams those who ‘bowed’ to Murdoch, calls for reform of ‘broken establishment’

by Stephen Tall on May 29, 2012

If Nick Clegg has time to keep a diary of his time in government (which I doubt) I’d like to pre-order it now. The principle of collective cabinet responsibility, together with the reciprocated determination of he and David Cameron to maintain an effective working relationship, means we don’t often see the reality of the behind-the-scenes […]