Popbitch on Paddick… The way to a journalist’s heart is through their liver

by Stephen Tall on May 10, 2012

The last time I mentioned celeb-gossip site Popbitch here, it was because they’d drawn attention to academic research on the link between the social mobility agenda and cricket.

This time, though, it’s the inside track on how — allegedly — Brian Paddick, the Lib Dem London mayoral candidate, helped restore the good humour of parched journos worrying about their file-by deadline by offering them copious taxpayer-funded libations:

>> Winey liberal << Paddick finally impresses hacks

At City Hall for the Mayoral election count, the Lib Dem candidate, Brian Paddick, managed to crack the code to the wine cellar, and dish some bottles out to the thirsty journalists who’d been waiting around for things to happen for ages. If only he’d done that before the election, he might have got the kind of favourable coverage that would have taken him above 4% of the vote.

I’m sure Lord Justice Leveson will soon be on the, erm, case.