Has the mystery of the ‘unidentified Lib Dem’ asked to lobby Vince about Murdoch been solved?

by Stephen Tall on April 25, 2012

Amid all the questions floating round yesterday following the extraordinary revelations exposed by the Leveson inquiry, was this intriguing one: who was the ‘Lib Dem MP’ referred to by Frederic Michel, News Corp’s director of public affairs (Europe), lined-up to lobby Vince Cable in favour of the company’s takeover of BSkyB?

It’s a question posed today by Left Foot Forward, but which appears to have been answered yesterday by PoliticsHome.com’s Paul Waugh:

That said, if it really was Jim Tolson being referred to, I assume his relations must have improved since 2005 — according to his Wikipedia profile that was the year

Tolson won a case against Sky at an employment tribunal seeking more time off to carry out council duties.