On THAT insulting Economist front cover which disgracefully pokes fun at a proud country for its financial frailty

by Stephen Tall on April 13, 2012

I mean how DARE they? How very dare they:

The Economist, 27 Jan 2011

Elsewhere, the magazine-which-calls-itself-a-newspaper has analysed the prospects of Scotland if it decides to declare UDI from the United Kingdom.

It has produced a terrifically balanced assessment accompanied by this typically provocative — and funny — front cover, which (among other satirical name-changes) coins ‘Edinborrow (Twinned with Athens)’, and its leader article concludes:

If Scots really want independence for political or cultural reasons, they should go for it. National pride is impossible to price. But if they vote for independence they should do so in the knowledge that their country could end up as one of Europe’s vulnerable, marginal economies. In the 18th century, Edinburgh’s fine architecture and its Enlightenment role earned it the nickname “Athens of the North”. It would be a shame if that name became apt again for less positive reasons.