Which universities produce most millionaires?

by Stephen Tall on March 19, 2012

The Universities of London, Oxford and Cambridge are (perhaps unsurprisingly) the UK universities which have produced most graduate millionaires, according to a survey by the financial investment firm Skandia UK:

The University of London is ranked first, with almost one in 10 millionaires gaining a degree or higher from one of its colleges. Oxford is ranked second, significantly ahead of Cambridge in third. One in 13 attended Oxford, compared to one in 20 for Cambridge.

Top Ten Ranked by Attendance
1. University of London
2. University of Oxford
3. University of Cambridge
4. University of Leeds
5. University of Manchester
6. University of Edinburgh
6. University of Birmingham
7. University of St Andrews
8. University of Glasgow
9. Aston University
10. University of Bristol

However, the table changes quite significantly if measured by millionaires who came through the state school system:

If the top ten are ranked in terms of millionaires who came through the state school system, the University of Bristol moves into first place, with nine out of 10 having been to state school. The University of Glasgow is second, with the University of Manchester in third place. The bottom four (allowing for joint places in ranking of top attended) in terms of state school attendance are Cambridge (8th place), Oxford (9th place), Aston University (10th place) and the University of St Andrews (11th place).

Top Ten Attended Ranked by State School Attendance
1. University of Bristol
2. University of Glasgow
3. University of Manchester
4. University of Birmingham
5. University of Edinburgh
6. University of London
7. University of Manchester
8. University of Cambridge
9. University of Oxford
10. Aston University
11. University of St Andrews

There were 1,503 millionaire respondents in total to Skandia’s survey, of whom 436 were from the UK. You can download the report in full here.