The one bit of the LibDemVoice re-design I’ll take credit for

by Stephen Tall on February 20, 2012

Those of you who’ve visited LibDemVoice in the last day will have seen it’s got a new, fresh look, courtesy of the hard work and design inspiration of our in-house site editor, Ryan Cullen.

Ryan has not only been immensely creative; he’s also been extremely patient as Mark Pack (and occasionally me, or another member of the LDV team) would ask for yet another gizmo or tweak to be incorporated.

There is one part of the site, though, for which I will claim sole credit: the new strapline.

LibDemVoice used to carry a disclaimer along the lines, ‘Liberal Democrat Voice is an independent, collaborative website run by Liberal Democrat activists blah blah’… A bit worthy, a bit dull. This is how it now reads:

The most-read website by and for Lib Dem supporters. Not paid for by trade unions or millionaires.