Join me Friday, 12 noon, on the Guardian’s #HElivechat – The future of philanthropy in higher education

by Stephen Tall on February 17, 2012

I’m one of the panel members on the Guardian’s live chat about the role that philanthropy can play in the future of university funding (Friday 17 February, 12pm – 2pm GMT):

With an 80% cut in public spending set to hit universities, can an increase in philanthropic donations ease HEIs’ reliance on the market for funding?

Chacona Winters Johnson, president and CEO of Detroit Public Schools Foundation, certainly believes this to be the case in America. “Today, government funds are simply not enough to alone pay for quality public education. The state does not allocate enough and local schools districts cannot collect enough in taxes to meet the needs of students without additional support,” she writes in the Huffington Post.

To delve further into this issue, this Friday we’re bringing together a panel of fundraising and higher education experts to discuss the role of philanthropy in universities. Questions such as: What new initiatives are in place to build on donations in light of the government cuts? Is the removal of the ‘matched funding scheme’ having an impact on fundraising? And, what more can be done in the future to ensure philanthropy remains strong in the turbulent financial climate?

Join us at 12pm GMT or post your questions and comments on your experiences now. You can also follow the live chat on Twitter using the hashtag #HElivechat

Here’s that hashtag link again — #HElivechat — so maybe see you there!