The best Oxford colleges if you want to get a well-paid job

by Stephen Tall on February 10, 2012

Here’s an interesting slice of data-mining.

The University of Oxford’s careers service surveys all undergraduate and postgraduates six months after they leave Oxford as part of the Government’s Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. According to the tables, published here, more than half the students from the following six ‘mixed colleges’ (ie, those with both undergraduates and prostgraduates) had found a job during that time:

1. Lady Margaret Hall (52.4%)
2. St Hugh’s (52.3%)
3. New (52.0%)
4. St Peter’s (51.9%)
5. St Edmund Hall (51.8%)
6. Corpus Christi (51.0%)
7. Worcester (50.6%)
8. Somerville (50.0%)

There is good/bad news on the salaries front. All but two of Oxford’s colleges report that the average salary of their graduates exceeds £21,000 — the good news is this means that you’ve found a decent-paying job; the less good news is you need to start re-paying your student loan (though this is of course proportionate to your salary).

The two colleges whose students report the lowest average salaries for students six months after leaving Oxford, below the £21k repayment threshold? St Hilda’s (£20.8k) and Wadham (£20.7k).

And the colleges with the highest-earning young graduates? Here’s the top eight again:

1. Keble (£35.9k)
2. Lady Margaret Hall (£32.7k)
3. University (£28.1k)
4. Pembroke (£26.4k)
5. Magdalen (£26.2k)
6. Balliol (£26.1k)
7. Trinity (£25.7k)
=8. Merton (£25.8k)
=8. Queen’s (£25.8k)

Interestingly, just one college appears on both lists: the generally unglamarous Lady Margaret Hall appears to be the place to go if landing a well-paid job is a motivator for you in applying to Oxford.