Two things I discovered the day I dressed up as a gangster

by Stephen Tall on February 6, 2012

For reasons that need not detain us now I spent part of this Saturday a la my childhood hero Mr Benn dressing up — in my case to become a gangster and have my photograph taken with my, erm, moll.

I made two discoveries. First, I cannot handle even a prop gun with any degree of convincingly rugged machismo. I am without doubt an alpha-male-fail.

And secondly, while I applaud the principles behind Jo Swinson’s attempt to stamp out misleading airbrushed images, I would like to negotiate my very own opt-out, please. This is for why…

Because believe me I don’t actually look like this.

(Why not visit History Studios if you too want to indulge in make-believe you can frame and hang on your wall.)