On “locking horns” with the Telegraph’s Cristina Odone

by Stephen Tall on January 22, 2012

I noted yesterday how the Telegraph had been forced to retract its false claim that Chris Huhne had tried to plunge Michael Gove into trouble by leaking his let-taxpayers-fund-the-new-royal-yacht letter.

Today’s Independent covers the resulting row, while Matthew Bell’s diary highlights columnist Cristina Odone’s bit-part role:

As discussed elsewhere in the paper, The Daily Telegraph has been left red-faced by an apology to Chris Huhne after wrongly claiming he had leaked a letter to journalists about the possibility of there being a new royal yacht. Unusually, the apology singles out one writer in particular, columnist and novelist Cristina Odone: “We particularly regret the offence caused by Cristina Odone’s article.” Odone herself, however, seems in no rush to grovel. On Twitter, she has locked horns with Stephen Tall, co-editor of weblog Lib Dem Voice, and in another exchange, she says, archly: “I’ve got loads of faults but betraying my colleagues is not one of them.” Though this was posted before the apology, she is in no hurry to take it down.

Cristina may not have retracted — but try and click on her article, and it appears to have disappeared forever.