Coming to you from somewhere between Oxford and London…

by Stephen Tall on January 9, 2012

This post comes to you live from the X90 Oxford-London coach, marking the start of my commuting life.

Today was my first day working as Development Director for the Education Endowment Foundation, the offices of which are in Millbank Tower, SW1. My partner began working in London last August, so we travel in together. Some people think we’re mad, and I guess our daily itinerary offers some evidence for this claim.

For those interested here’s my morning routine:

5am: rise and shine
5.30am: leave house, drive to Thornhill park-and-ride
6.00am: catch bus
7.35am: arrive at Victoria coach station, walk to Elizabeth Bridge
7.40am: hop on Boris bike
7.55am: arrive at Millbank Tower.

Mad? Maybe, but I dodge the (worst of the) traffic, leave work at 4.30pm, and can get home at a reasonable (ish) time. And there’s the minor matter of spending £1,000 on an annual bus-pass, rather than £5,000 for the train.

Oh, and there’s free wifi on the bus – which is the reason this post exists.