Which podcasts am I missing out on? Crowd-sourcing my commuting listening…

by Stephen Tall on January 2, 2012

Next week, 9th January, my new job begins. And so too does my new daily commute, starting with the 6am bus, lasting some 4.5 hours each day. That’s a lot of time to try and fill productively.

Some of the time I can occupy with reading and writing — a mix of work and pleasure — but other times I’m going to be too zonked to do anything but sit back and listen… so what I’m looking for are suggestions of the best podcasts to download.

Here are my current podcast subscriptions… They’re all pretty predictably politics, culture, media and comedy based… and very BBC-skewed:

  • Books and authors,
  • Friday night comedy,
  • Comedy of the Week,
  • Making History,
  • Media Show,
  • More or Less,
  • Pienaar’s Politics,
  • Politics Weekly,
  • Profile,
  • The Report,
  • Weekly Political Review,
  • Westminster Hour, and
  • What the Papers Say.
  • Are there other gems I’m missing out on. If so, do please let me know.