@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-12-30

by Stephen Tall on December 30, 2011

  • Merry Xmas – wished. Gifts – given. Food – eaten. Stomach – stuffed. Siesta – starting. Zzz. #
  • Am checking out of Twitter for next 3 days to avoid Downton Abbey spoilers… #
  • Back home after a week in Spain. How I've missed Blighty's damp greyness. #notreally #
  • Well, I gave my nine-month old niece a run for her money on the Wii bowling. That'll learn her. #
  • Downton Abbey, a glass of port and cats on our laps. #Bliss #
  • Worst performing area for schools is Hull http://t.co/XgSOnNxy, followed by Manchester, Oldham, Barnsley, Hartlepool, Salford and Tyneside. #
  • Black British children outperform white British children in schools http://t.co/XgSOnNxy (Chinese do best of all). #
  • @Natt 'Cos I capitalised Black but not white? in reply to Natt #
  • @travelling_wolf Chances of being in top 10th of GCSE results, or conversely stuck in bottom fifth. in reply to travelling_wolf #
  • @Goodbye_PMS Doesn't look like the FT's published that data :~ in reply to Goodbye_PMS #
  • I just bought: 'There but for the' by Ali Smith via @KindleUK http://t.co/UPTkpoQz #
  • Wrapping first Xmas presents of the year. Truly. Go figure. #
  • @parsingphase Actually, yes. But these gifts all bought pre-sales. Gf & I exchange gifts midway betw English & Spanish festivities. in reply to parsingphase #
  • @langrabbie Ooh, no idea. ¿But if half-way btw Navidad & Reyes, does that make them medios tipicos? in reply to langrabbie #
  • @langrabbie De nada 🙂 in reply to langrabbie #
  • I remember agreeing to appear on BBC Radio Coventry's breakfast show; I just don't remember why. But do tune in early tmrw folks to hear me. #
  • When I say tmrw I actually mean today. Or 2day. Still, Radio Coventry tho. #
  • Mustering enthusiasm for discussion review of the political year on BBC Radio Coventry… Watch out West Mids, here I come. #
  • Dumped by BBC Radio Coventry in favour of a story about trains. This marks a new low. 2012 can only get better… #
  • What links Huhne, Cable, Clegg & Ken Clarke? They're all Tory supporters' least fave Lib Dem ministers >> http://t.co/2lwAQB3e #
  • (That last tweet contained a piece of deliberate irony… see if you can spot it.) #

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