LDVideo: Nick Clegg on the Euro summit, Coalition & why he missed today’s Commons debate

by Stephen Tall on December 12, 2011

Here’s Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg explaining his position on Europe, his disagreement with David Cameron on the outcome of the summit, and why he missed today’s Commons debate:

(Also available on the BBC website here.)

Déjà vu: it’s #nickcleggsfault all over again, as right-wing press froths at Lib Dem leader

by Stephen Tall on December 12, 2011

There are, I know, a few Lib Dems who question whether Nick Clegg has done enough to prove the party’s pro-European credentials in the last few days. (And to be clear: to be a liberal pro-European means also being in favour of significant reform of the EU to make it more open, transparent and democratic.) […]

David Cameron’s a hostage to his party and the right-wing press. Thank goodness for Nick Clegg

by Stephen Tall on December 12, 2011

The shockwaves from David Cameron’s decision to reject the proposed ‘Merkozy’ EU treaty is still shaking politics. The UK stands isolated from the other 26 member states. Tory Eurosceptics and, early polls suggest, a majority of the British public think the Prime Minister has played a blinder, ‘sticking up for Britain’. This is difficult territory […]