And in other Lib Dem news…

by Stephen Tall on November 19, 2011

A quick round-up of four Lib Dem stories not otherwise covered here on Lib Dem Voice this week…

Lib Dem revolt on solar subsidies crackdown…

The Guardian splashes on how ‘Liberal Democrat councillors and MPs are preparing to revolt over the coalition government’s crackdown on solar subsidies, as a growing number have been greeted with stiff opposition from outraged householders and companies fearing swingeing job cuts.’ Lucy Care wrote about this topic here on LDV earlier this month.

Rochdale Lib Dem defects to Tories…

The Manchester Evening News reports: ‘Coun Jean Ashworth, who represents Smallbridge and Firgrove, resigned as a Lib Dem saying the party was now too small to make a real difference to the town.’

‘Lib Dems fight benefits cut to fund freeze in fuel duty’

According to The Guardian: ‘Liberal Democrat cabinet members are fighting a rearguard action to prevent the Treasury pressing ahead with plans to withhold some benefit increases for the unemployed to fund a delay in the planned 3p rise in fuel duty due in January.’ This bears out a similar story Stephen Tall reported here on LDV, ‘Laws advises Clegg: oppose Tories’ “arbitrary and vindictive” benefits cuts’.

Net swing to the Lib Dems in latest council by-elections

So notes The Independent in its report here.

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