In praise of Duwayne Brooks

by Stephen Tall on November 18, 2011

Many Lib Dems will know Duwayne Brooks as a dedicated Lib Dem, a councillor in Lewisham and the party’s lead member on the Safer Communities Board at the Local Government Group. To most of the public, though, he is better known as the best friend of Stephen Lawrence, whose murder was the subject of the Macpherson report into London’s Metropolitan Police.

And it is that night on 22 April 1993 which Duwayne has once again been forced to re-live this week, as was widely reported in the media yesterday. Here’s an extract from The Guardian’s report:

Duwayne Brooks, who was with Stephen Lawrence on the night he was attacked, sobbed openly in court as he described how his friend kept asking: “What’s happened to me? Look at me?” after the fatal attack. Brooks came to the Old Bailey shortly after the death on Wednesday night of his father, the jury was told.

Despite his acute grief, he had insisted on giving evidence of what he witnessed the night the teenager he called his “best friend” was killed. The two defendants, Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, deny murdering Lawrence.

It has clearly been a harrowing week for Duwayne. We at LibDemVoice extend our sympathies to him, as well as our deep admiration for his sheer courage.