@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-11-11

by Stephen Tall on November 11, 2011

  • A quick #ff for fundraising guru @MotionJoanna and libraries guru @richove #
  • 'Wealthiest still donate smaller propn than less well off' http://t.co/q4aQUiR1: people paid <£32k give 1%+ to charity; >£52k give just 0.8% #
  • Cooking a roast while reading the 'new' Sherlock Holmes. It's what Fridays should be about. #
  • Derren Brown scares me. Suddenly Norman Baker looks like a guy who trusts the Establishment too much. #
  • Fab & true review » Downton Abbey: you are awful … but I like you http://t.co/zaclOm3u #
  • There's little sign of intelligent life on Twitter, never mind over Los Angeles http://t.co/lXsG0igA > yay 4 @RealDMitchell's *nice* article #
  • Just bought Penelope Lively's new novel How It All Began. She's prob my fave female living author, so will resist temptn & save it til Xmas. #
  • @loveandgarbage Eight weeks really would be excessive. in reply to loveandgarbage #
  • Thank goodness Lady Grantham has realised it's her fault Lord Grantham almost shagged the maid. #downton #
  • Trying hard, but ultimately failing, to be sympathetic to iPhone-luvvin gf wrestling with her new work Blackberry. Which she hates. #
  • Frankie apparently edited out of M&S Xmas ad. Shame. "This isn't just white powder, etc". They're missing a trick, I tell you. #exXfactor #
  • @MarkReckons @CllrIainRoberts I laughed at a John Bishop joke. Once. Seems a nice guy tho. in reply to MarkReckons #
  • @MarkReckons Don't agree politically with May. But see no reason for her to quit. Stability one of best Coalition innovations to date. in reply to MarkReckons #
  • Food critics are, and I say this objectively, total wankers. #masterchef #
  • @nicola_prigg We aim to respond within a day or 2 but please bear in mind we're volunteers. in reply to nicola_prigg #

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