@stephentall’s weekly Twitter updates for 2011-11-04

by Stephen Tall on November 4, 2011

  • So Derren Brown scares me. Just not as much as the mob-handed public. #
  • Gripped, but simultaneously feeling manipulated by sensationalist tosh. Catching up with Spooks. #incaseyouwerewondering #
  • The media's long history of exagberation » The myth of the War of the Worlds panic http://t.co/P9K1n2fp #
  • Oh here's my belated #xfactor verdict (I know you were waiting for it)… #
  • Hurrah: Misha B, Little Mix. Good: Marcus, Kitty & Johnny. Bleugh: Frankie, The Risk & Sophie. #xfactor #
  • Yay for Cher Lloyd. She's totally made her first name her own. #xfactor #
  • @sarabedford You can't hate Johnny. It's officially illegal. in reply to sarabedford #
  • @sarabedford I am shocked, shocked I say, at your imsouciance to Johnny's yayness. #xfactor in reply to sarabedford #
  • @_Deborah_King I like Craig, but he didn't do it for me last night. Janet is good, but I never loved The Cranberries. #xfactor in reply to _Deborah_King #
  • WHAT!!?? #xfactor #
  • I know I should know better than to get frustrated by #xfactor BUT in what parallel universe can Misha B be judged one of the two worst? #
  • @KP_LD Fair enough for honesty. But please tell me you would shower immediately. in reply to KP_LD #
  • @KP_LD *erases image from memory* in reply to KP_LD #
  • Oooh: PD James writes crime sequel to Pride & Prej – http://t.co/WhS7hpqL – now that *has* to be worth a read. #
  • @sarabedford Lol, I studied Emma (A-level) – initially hated it, then loved it. It helped that I remembered walking on Box Hill. in reply to sarabedford #
  • Very impressed by @bodleianlibs 'Treasures' app http://t.co/DiatIPrj (I have android version): fab array of rare items to graze on. #
  • @sarabedford My gf had same problem with Austen – regarded it as too pretty (wrongly, I reckon). Preferred grit/ghoul of melodrama too. in reply to sarabedford #
  • Odd experience of watching Sky News translate Angela Merkel into French for an English audience. #
  • @j_freedland Odd question to ask: no other broadcaster in the world is funded by a compulsory poll tax. So no comparison possible. in reply to j_freedland #
  • Not much support so far on LibDemVoice for councils having power to cap numbers of second and empty homes: http://t.co/o1lE9blk #
  • Very interesting article by @TimMontgomerie: 'The era of the Tory supercharged backbencher' http://t.co/eW3qPDf4. Well worth a read. #
  • Hurrah » RT @alexvtunzelmann Fab news. Can't wait to listen in. RT @cfarivar: BBC to open vast radio archive online http://t.co/D7LxfGai #
  • Interesting tuition fees-related stat from Oxford. Student applications this year down -0.6% cf last year, BUT up +8% compared to 3 yrs ago. #
  • Best of luck to @RolandRudd & the Legacy 10 campaign – http://t.co/syTWP5fE – just launched, encouraging us all to leave a gift in our will. #
  • First Spanish lesson in 3 weeks. Un poco rusty. Pero no fatal. Tengo que hacer meior la semana proxima. #
  • Loving Astro in #xfactorusa Showing Frankie how to do being a talented cocky rebel. By being talented. #thatsrealattitude #
  • Loving (as usual) @economist's front cover, this week focusing on Greece's €uro plunge. http://t.co/QL7zdvV5 #
  • @stuartbonar Pic was of iPad edition (available Thur evening). in reply to stuartbonar #
  • Ooh, I really rather ? the new-look gmail. #
  • Some fascinating images from the Prime Ministers' archives of the @bodleianlibs here: http://t.co/cdAGECPx – from Disraeli to Callaghan. #


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Twitter Updates @stephentall's weekly Twitter updates for 2011-11-04 | http://t.co/iZ2qUMbU: The Collected Stephe… http://t.co/YSM0bH9f

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